3 Ways to Maximize Space & Storage in a Small Living Room


There are two things that drive my home decor and design inspiration: I love to entertain friends and family, and I love organization. When I moved into my new home I struggled a bit when deciding how to decorate my living room. I needed a space that worked for my day-to-day routine, but also one that worked for when I entertained larger groups of people. I also needed to rely on my living room space for overflow storage from my beautiful, but tiny kitchen.

Here are 3 tips to maximize space and storage in a small living room.

1. Purchase furniture that has more than one function at every opportunity possible. I purchased a beautiful bench from Home Sense that not only serves as additional seating for when guests come over, but also as storage for my party supplies, table cloths, etc.  My side table, is actually an awesome farmhouse inspired storage container from Home Sense. And my  TV stand is actually a sideboard from IKEA, that  stores my vases and booksliatorp-sideboard-white__72909_PE189159_S4

 Purchase seating that offers the maximum amount of seating for the space you have available. A three seater couch and a love seat or chair will fill the entire space, not leaving much room for coffee or side tables. Instead opt for a sectional. It offers more seating, but takes up less space.  Bonus points if you find a sectional like the one pictured below.  It doubles as storage. You can purchase it here from Wayfair.


3. Four words: Built In Wall Unit. Although filling an entire wall with shelving takes away wall space for wall art and photos, it makes up for it in the storage you gain. And if you do what I do and buy the Liatorp storage combination from IKEA, you will still have room to display your  photos and knickknacks in the glassed in shelving at the top, and have lots of hidden storage at the bottom.


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