6 Pretty Things for your Kitchen


Michaels (the craft store) has been my go to place for all things DIY and crafting for years. But anyone who has visited the store in the last year knows that slowly Michaels has been adding home decor into the mix. A friend of mine sent me a photo last weekend of all the amazing home decor finds she purchased from Michaels, so naturally, I had to go and check it out for myself. To say I was impressed is an understatement. Check out my latest weekend shopping finds below!

P.S. I could have purchased a lot more…but my house isn’t big enough…or my wallet. So I strongly suggest a visit to Michaels in your near future. And don’t forget Michaels always has a weekly coupon available online. This week is 40% off any one item.

1) A metal welcome sign that spins to let loved ones know when the kitchen is open and when it is closed. 

2) This wooden kitchen sign that looks amazing on its own or added to a gallery wall. 


3) These  pretty succulents that look good together in a bunch or on their own. 


4) This antique food scale that serves as an awesome decor piece, but actually really works to weigh food.

5) This pretty and vibrant serving platter that comes in pink too. 

6) This Eat, Drink, and Be Happy tea organizer. 



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