5 Unique DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts from Etsy that Show Just How Much You Love Them


I am a big fan of the love letter. Life gets busy, time moves quickly, and often times we don’t take the opportunity to share with our loved ones why we love and appreciate them so much. So, this Valentine’s Day forget the jewelry, candy, and flowers, and give your loved one a gift that reminds them of why they are so special and why they are so loved by you. Because love grows and changes, and each day brings us a new reason to love them. All examples shared below are from different Etsy stores. Your purchase includes a template in the form of a digital file that is sent to you directly. So you can order today and print and create this weekend!

A customized word search that reveals 10 things you love about them. From Etsy store: twistedbubblegum.

word search

A paper airplane that lets you write your own love note inside. From Etsy store: ChipperStudios.

paper airplane

“I love you because…” notes that you can hide in their lunch box, luggage, under a pillow, or anywhere you will surprise them! From Etsy store: BWPaperStudio

i love you because lunch box notes

“Open when” envelope covers, so that you have a love note ready for them at every stage of life. From Etsy store: LoveMessagesxo.

open when

A printable journal kit that helps you tell your love story. From Etsy store: handmadesmydeer.

Our Love Story

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