5 Vegetarian Cookbooks You Need in Your Life

I’ve been a vegetarian for over twenty years, but only recently started experimenting more with different vegetarian cookbooks. Buying cookbooks has actually become a bit of an obsession. Below are my five favourites and why.

1. The Forest Feast – I love this one because the recipes are simple, easy, colourful, and full of flavour. The photos are beautiful, and recipes range from salad me and appetizers to mains, desserts and cocktails.

Favourite Recipe: Cauliflower Cheese Steak

2. The Forest Feast Gatherings – Similar to the Forest Feast, this book is filled with simple, easy and colourful recipes. More geared towards serving meals for small gatherings, this book will make you want to host a dinner party ASAP.

Favourite Recipe: Pesto Gnocchi

3. Half Baked Harvest – Although this is not strictly a vegetarian cookbook, this one is filled with tasty vegetarian options. The photos are beautiful, and the dishes are delicious.

Favourite Recipe: Peanut Butter and Jam Grilled Cheese

4. The Middle Eastern Vegetarian Cookbook – I love Middle Eastern food, and this book is filled with amazing and delicious Middle Eastern recipes – all vegetarian friendly. The recipes are a bit long and time consuming, but not complicated.

Favourite Recipe: Lebanese Vegan Moussaka

5. Thug Kitchen – Not only is this book filled with delicious vegetarian recipes, perfect for a party or get together, but the author’s commentary is fun and filled with inappropriate language that makes cooking that much more enjoyable!

Favourite Recipe: BBQ Bean Sliders with Slaw

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